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Personal Coaching and Training Plans


Receive Customized Training Plans and/or Personalized Coaching from an accomplished certified coach


Personal coaching includes:


  • An initial runner's assessment. This assessment is completed by each new client.  The information provided will give me an overview of your running history and help us develop your goals and training schedule.

  • Weekly workouts sent directly to you via Final Surge. Each week I'll provide detailed workouts for each phase of your training cycle. 

  • Unlimited email/text/phone support.

  • Feedback on how to fuel during training runs.

  • Running gear/accessory recommendations.

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Run of the mill training plans are generalized to provide basic training information.  A customized training plan is tailored specifically for you.

Training plan includes:

  • An initial runner's assessment.  The information you provide will help me develop your plan.

  • The plan will take into consideration any upcoming races, personal/family obligations.

  • Suggested pace for workouts and additional training resources.

Once the plan is completed you'll be able to access it via Final Surge!

Upgrade to personal coaching at any time!

Priced according to the length of the training plans.

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Community Coach Certification
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