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Thanks for accepting the challenge!

Submit time here:

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Challenge information and rules:

There are now four roundabouts on St Simons Island and if you connect the northernmost with the southernmost roundabout its 5.6 miles.  Anyone that decides to take the challenge will run a PR because when have you run a race of that distance?

  1. Runners can submit their time between November 1st through November 30th, 2020.

  2. You must agree to the waiver.

  3. Runners must follow all traffic/pedestrian laws.  You assume all risk if you choose to run.

  4. You can run either direction. Stay on the sidewalk.

  5. There's no registration fee but there is a sweet shirt you can purchase at the Q store.

  6. Have fun and submit your time at the challenge website and see how you stack against other runners.

  7. Even if you're not local you can still participate! Run a route that is 5.6 miles long and submit your results. 

  8. Take pictures and post to social media! #teamq #roundaboutchallenge

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